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Remarketing Assets For Your Bus Problems

As the largest independent broker of used coaches in the country, banks and finance companies have been contacting with their bus problems for over ten years. We have picked up a single bus and fleets of buses. A small sample of our clients includes Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SouthTrust Bank, SunTrust Bank, Alter Moneta Corp., Continental Bank, Automotive Leasing Services, Inc. and others. can solve the bus problems that are caused by the five major components of repossession.

  1. Pickup

    Once the decision has been made to pick up the equipment, time becomes critical. The condition of the asset, as well as the Fair Market Value, will depreciate at an accelerated rate. Speed is essential.

    We have CDL qualified drivers on standby to move on a moment's notice. Once the equipment has been located, we can be mobile within 24 hours of authorization.

  2. Bus Appraisal

    With over 35 years in the bus industry, no one is more qualified to perform a Bus Appraisal on your bus. We provide this service for banks, finance companies, and insurance firms. Damaged and salvage appraisals are our specialty. We can show you live web cams of a bus that has been relocated to our lot, which gives you the experience of a personal inspection in the comfort of your office or home.

  3. Storage

    We have a 20-acre lot with fencing, lights, security cameras, and a guard service. We are located in suburban Nashville, TN, twenty minutes from the Nashville airport and ten minutes from downtown Nashville.

  4. Prep and Repair

    Each company has its own strategy regarding the final disposition of the asset. Your strategy may be a minimalist approach, i.e. store it and sell it "as is". Another option is to make it retail ready. We can provide any level of repair that will fit your strategy. We have a full service shop with mechanics and technicians that can work on any type of equipment. If the repairs exceed our capacity or expertise, there are dealers and vendors of every type of equipment located here in Nashville.

  5. Remarketing

    After the four steps listed above have been accomplished, remarketing of the equipment takes priority. Our company,, LLC, was the first bus sales company on the Internet, ahead of even the manufacturers. Today, our web site receives more visits per day than any other bus web site, period. We know the Internet.

    We can design a web page for your equipment that can then be placed on the appropriate web site or sites that are specific to your asset. You may already have distribution channels for your remarketing efforts. In that case, we simply provide your vendor with the information in whatever format they request. Your asset then becomes similar to a real estate listing on an MLS directory. If your objective is to retail the asset, selling from a neutral site will bring you the highest possible dollar return, without competition from a dealer's owned inventory. If your liquidation plan is to wholesale the equipment, we can buy the vehicle from you. We purchase damaged and salvaged buses and we have purchased fleets of working buses. We are a licensed and bonded dealer, and we can provide any level of service you need in the closing process.

    As the largest broker of conversion bus equipment in the country, our organization has a retail mentality in its presentation of equipment and customer service. We are not a "repo" lot, nor will your equipment be presented in that manner while it is in our care and custody.

    Nashville is a one-day drive for 60% of the population of the United States. Our facility is on an Interstate exit in suburban Nashville, which means your customers will not be inconvenienced by seeking out a gravel lot on a rural back road. has the staff, speed, security, service and marketing support to provide the expertise necessary to turn your bus problem into an opportunity.

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Remarketing Assets presented by, LLC