FAQ's About Buying A Bus

Why choose Busforsale.com for Selling or Buying a Used Bus?

  1. Location
    Our name and positioning on the Internet make us the most visited used bus sales website, which means we are a recognized used bus dealer/broker and have built a reputation as the #1 online used bus sales destination.
  2. Location
    We are located in suburban Nashville, TN, the bus conversion capital of the world. Being close to this industry hub allows us to maintain the largest on-site inventory of converted coaches and used buses for sale in the industry. Busforsale.com attracts a lot of traffic in our showroom and through our website.
  3. Location
    When you browse the websites of our used bus sales competition, you will notice that they avoid showing pictures of their facilities to potential used bus buyers..  Busforsale.com is a 20 acre facility, with a four-bay shop, and 7,000 square feet of offices to comfortably accommodate customers and staff. So we are proud of our location and facility and are confident that you will not find a better experience when it comes to buying a bus.

    buying a bus

    No other used bus company in the country has our infrastructure investment. Buyers can be confident that we know the buses we are selling, and the seller knows his bus will be given the best possible representation and presentation.
  4. Staff
    Our staff has over 100 years of professional bus experience. We don't just sell buses, but rather our team includes bus maintenance experts, financing assistance, and logistical and operational support. No other used bus sales company has the depth, diversity, or innovative capabilities that Busforsale.com provides to our customers and to the used bus sales industry.

Busforsale.com was the first company in the industry to offer used buses for sale on the Internet. We continue to be the #1 bus website, #1 in bus sales, service, and support, and we have the #1 bus sales facility.

Buying a bus is a large financial investment. Do you want to rely on someone with a website and a cell phone? Or do you want a true bus dealership, staffed with experienced personnel who know the inventory, who can electronically demonstrate a bus in real time and who has the support and service – all onsite -- that you need when you purchase a used bus or motorhome?

How can Busforsale.com help me sell my coach?

On the Busforsale.com lot
The fastest and most effective way to sell your used motorcoach is on our lot. We have a simple listing agreement similar to a real estate listing agreement. We market, advertise, show, demonstrate, and negotiate the sale on your behalf. You control the selling price, and we are paid when the bus is sold.

For Sale by Owner
You keep your motorcoach on your property. We build a web page, advertising your used bus for sale on our website under the For Sale by Owner section, and you handle all the calls and negotiations. This is a monthly advertising service, which requires a one-time web page design fee for your bus, and a minimum monthly payment.

We Buy Buses
If you need a quick sale for your bus, we will do an inspection and a complete bus appraisal of your bus. Once the bus appraisal has been performed, we can assist you in the remarketing efforts or we can purchase the bus.

Can you provide any additional information other than what is listed on your site?

Yes. We can set you up with a live web cam for any of the used buses or motorcoaches located on our lot at a date and time of your choice. We will send you a live web cam via your computer where you can talk with the sales person and direct them around the coach in "real time". Call or email our office for more details on how to set up your live web cam.

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